1995-2003 - The first Dragster appears – Over 70’000 vehicles sold worldwide

The first of the Dragsters appeared in 1995 with mass production starting in 1998. It was sold in three engine sizes, 50cc, 125 and 180cc until 2003. All models offered flamboyant styling, a stiff, visible Ducati-like tubular structure, automatic “Twist and Go” transmission, ample storage, BiMota-style hub-center steering with a beefy front swingarm, disc brakes, wide tires, and a water-cooled, electric-start single. Out of production for over a decade, the scooter has a large cult following and substantial aftermarket support. Malossi, in particular, offered many upgrade parts for the 125.
Sr. Tartarini, third generation, was quoted as saying about the bike, “This scooter is not for pragmatists, but is a good choice for exhibitionists!”

Dragster sales reached over 70’000 units worldwide. Especially the 180cc model was a great success in Australia too and has a great community of enthusiasts following it.