Follow the interesting story of Italjet, from its founder Leopoldo Tartarini who developed the 1st Dragster (beside many other ground breaking vehicles), to his son Massimo who revived the new Dragster we receive today, following in his father’s footsteps breaking new ground again.

And we know Massimo will not stop here, the new Dragster is just the start of a new era of exciting vehicles coming… the story will go on!

  • 1959 Italjet was founded in San Lazzaro, Bologna by Leopoldo Tartarini

    As a boy Leopoldo began to race in minor categories to get his international federal license and established himself, so as to be hired by the leading Italian motorcycle manufacturers as a professional rider. He specialised in endurance races, but not only. His greatest sporting...

  • 1980 - late '90s Italjet breaks into the scooter world

    Tartarini foresaw the late 20th century scooter boom, and from 1980 onwards Italjet was well positioned to meet the demand for personal transportation. It established a unique reputation for innovative and quirky models, such as the retro-look Torpedo and Velocifero, the avant-garde hub-centre Dragster, which...

  • 1995-2003 The first Dragster appears – Over 70’000 vehicles sold worldwide

    The first of the Dragsters appeared in 1995 with mass production starting in 1998. It was sold in three engine sizes, 50cc, 125 and 180cc until 2003. All models offered flamboyant styling, a stiff, visible Ducati-like tubular structure, automatic “Twist and Go” transmission, ample storage,...

  • 1998 Italjet Formula exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art

    Italjet can credit over 150 designs of motorcycles and scooters to their credit. Most were of flamboyant, unusual and exciting design, reflecting Leopoldo’s forward thinking outside the box. The liquid cooled Italjet Formula 50 scooter was even exhibited as part of “The Art of the...

  • 2017 First impressions of the new Dragster designed by Massimo Tartarini appear

    First impressions of the new Dragster by Massimo Tartarini appeared, showing the true Italjet DNA combining technical excellence and passion combined with attention to detail not seen often in today’s fast living world with short product lifecycles. The worldwide community of Italjet Dragster owners past...

  • November 2018 New Dragster presented at EICMA show

    A first prototype of the new Dragster is presented at the Italian motorcycle show EICMA in Milan in November 2018. Although not officially released, it is by far the most interesting vehicle presented at the show, taking the world by storm. Pre-orders are started to...

  • 2019-2021 Prototyping, refining and testing of the new Dragster with Andrea Dovizioso

    Massimo Tartarini being a perfectionist does not let any little detail up to chance. With several rounds of prototyping, the new Dragster is refined and improved until the result was extraordinary in every detail.  While delays during the worldwide COVID pandemic hit Italy and Italjet...

  • October 2021 Start of Mass Production of the new Dragster

    With delays due to the global pandemic and incoming Euro 5 legislation, the Dragster is finally ready to be produced in large volumes. The first 500 “First Edition” models are being assembled in the Italian factory, marked and numbered. Everyone of the first 500 customers...

  • January 2022 New Dragster Released in Australia

    The first shipment of the new Dragster is due to arrive in Australia during January 2022 for the official launch. Shipment to dealers will commence immediately and First Edition & pre-orders are being filled.

  • August 2023 Release of the Malossi Edition in Australia

    After the initial success with the Dragster, the limited “Malossi Edition” is paying homage to the strong partnership between Italjet and renowned performance parts specialist Malossi. It is finished in a striking co-branded livery, making it one of the most desirable scooters available today. With...