1980 - late '90s - Italjet breaks into the scooter world

Tartarini foresaw the late 20th century scooter boom, and from 1980 onwards Italjet was well positioned to meet the demand for personal transportation. It established a unique reputation for innovative and quirky models, such as the retro-look Torpedo and Velocifero, the avant-garde hub-centre Dragster, which debuted in 1995, and the 125cc Formula introduced in 1994, which for many years was the only twin-cylinder small- capacity scooter in the marketplace.

With 180 workers producing up to 90,000 powered two-wheelers annually in the firm’s modern 10,000m2 factory on the Adriatic coast near Pescara, Italjet successfully surfed the success of the European scooter boom through the 1990s.