2019-2021 - Prototyping, refining and testing of the new Dragster with Andrea Dovizioso

Massimo Tartarini being a perfectionist does not let any little detail up to chance. With several rounds of prototyping, the new Dragster is refined and improved until the result was extraordinary in every detail.  While delays during the worldwide COVID pandemic hit Italy and Italjet hard, it delayed the production of the new scooter significantly. But the small team never lost focus on the goal and dedication – Something that could only be achieved with an amount of passion to make the impossible possible.

In 2021, on the doorstep to the following year’s Euro 5 legislation coming in, the Dragster had to be improved & modified again to meet latest technical requirements. During this period, extensive testing of the new Dragster takes place and the final production ready model is taking shape. Moto GP racer Andrea Dovizioso contributes significantly to improve the performance and handling of the new Dragster. Dovozioso, a Ducati Moto GP racer closes the circle between Italjet’s origin with Ducati and its latest product.